Our diplomas and training

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Seminar on feline infectious diseases

Training : From mating to weaning

Training : Administration of a cattery in Quebec

Montreal Nauticats North Tica Show

This year we decided to bring to females to the NAUTICATS NORTH TICA show in Montreal, November 29 and 30th 2014. They both did very well, felicitation to Elysor Sleeping Beauty of Kinkin and ExotiqueBengals Khaleesi of Kinkin.

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Quebec Tica Show

Photos of our Léo at the Quebec TICA show October 19th and 20th 2014. Sadly he didn’t bring any prize home, but given his young age it is not a problem and will try again.

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Montreal TICA Show November 2nd

Photos of our Léo in Montreal, at the TICA Show November 2nd 2013. He won 4th place for ring color. It is only a beginning.

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