Exotiquebengals Khaleesi of KiNkiN (A/ Apb, cs/ cs)

Birth : 03/04/2014
HCM negative March 2015
PK-def N/N
Khaleesi is an American ! We went to get her in Indianapolis at the Saraexotique cattery. Thank you Sara for this beautiful cat with ever-increasing contrasts. Possible kittens with Ragnar: Mink charcoal, mink melanistic carrier, Seal lynx point and Seal lynx point melanistic carrier.

Sire : Boydsbengals Aceofspades of Exotiquebengals

Dam : Zuleeka Dancing Lights of Wildcatmagic

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Elysor Sleeping Beauty of KiNkiN (Zola)

Birth : 01/16/2013
HCM negative November 2013
PK-def N/N
Thanks again to our good friend Elena Elysor for this extraordinary high contrast female. She’s called Zola for intimates.

Sire : Anjali Infinite Charm of ELYSOR

Dam : ELYSOR Gold Star

femelle2-2 femelle2-3 femelle4-5 femelle2-5

Elysor Vylanelle of KiNkiN

Birth : 01/26/2020
PK-def N/N

Sire : ELYSOR Distant Drums

Dam : ELYSOR Sunsprite