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Where does the Bengal cat come from?

The bengal result of a cross between a domestic cat and leopard cat Bengal, small wild cat found in Asia. It was in 1963 that for the first time we mixed domestic and wild cat. It was an American, John S. Mill, geneticist, who made the crossing. (Source: Wikipedia)

Who are the ancestors of the Kinkinbengals’ familly?

All our brown spotted tabby cats come from “Elysor Cattery”, a small, very select and hobby in-home cattery specialized in brown leopard patterns (Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby) with spectacular rosettes and highly contrasted coats. Our snow bengal comes from ExotiqueBengals, a small in-home bengal breeder located in southwestern Indiana in a small town called Monrovia! They are dedicated to breeding quality Bengals with excellant bloodlines and superb temperament, health, and beauty. We are mainly focused on the colors of brown and snow spotted bengals with excellant structure. We also have a new male from the Sumarum cattery in the Czech Republic.