KINKIN Cattery

Kinkin bengals are two males and 4 females, distinguished bengal cats producing the most beautiful litters of bengal rosette kittens. Each cat has its own unique set of beautiful color contrasts. Our Bengals are descendants of champions. Our Kinkin Cattery is a prime cat breeding environement, because first and foremost, the cats are pets for us and the children. Our cats are amazingly personable and playful.

The kittens are vaccinated, microshipped, dewormed, neutered and ready to go at tewlve weeks. *  

* All our cats are sold neutered. Exceptions may apply. They love to travel…

Purebred TICA registered cattery.

NEW see our Kittens and birth live !




Where does KINKIN come from ?

In 1963 Jean Sudgen of Yuma, Arizona purchase a female Asian Leopard cat (named Malaysia) from a pet store. Believing the cat to be lonely, She put a black domestic cat in her cage for compagny. The animals mated and produced two kittens, a male and a female called KINKIN. Sadly, the male was fatally mauled by malaysia but KINKIN was safely removed and raised by Himalayan queen. Jean contacted Cornell University who predicted that KINKIN would be sterile. This proved to be incorrect when KINKIN was mated back to her father and delivered two kittens. A black female and a spotted male.

Our satisfied customers

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” I enjoyed my experience at KINKIN Bengals. Cats are free in the house and very sociable. I immediately *fell in love* with Tuscane. From the first day, she has become accustomed to its new environment. She loves hugs and sleeps all night in my bed without moving. Thank you for your patience and answering all my many questions. “

– Brenda for Toscane

“My experience with KINKIN was exactly as expected. Kittens and their parents are raised freely in a family friendly environnement. Breeders are professionals and know everything there is to know about their cats. Our baby cat arrived all ready to put life in our home, she is so playful !”

– Lutherson, Montreal for JAVA